Webinarium om att skapa nya relationer, både i vänskap och i kärlek

Onsdagen den 3 maj

kl: 19-20.00

Jeremy och Illana pratar engelska (amerikanska) och hela föreläsningen kommer vara på engelska. 
De kommer under kvällen gå igenom hur man i fem steg kan lära sig att skaffa nya sociala kontakter.

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Här är lite mer information om Jeremy och Illana:

Jeremy Hamburgh and Ilana Frank are friendship- and dating coaches who empower autistic adults to make friends, build relationships, start dating and find love.  

Ilana has over 16 years of experience as a special education teacher in New York City and is now the Director of Education for My Best Social Life.  

Jeremy has over 13 years of experience coaching autistic and neurodivergent adults into the social lives they want and deserve. 

Together, Ilana and Jeremy have collaborated with many organizations on dating and friendship skills workshops, and they thoroughly enjoy that "aha moment" when a young adult or their parent realizes that a more vibrant social life is possible.  

Jeremy and Ilana's passion is their first-of-its-kind program, called Social Life 360. 
It's an innovative program that trains their autistic and neurodiverse clients on the skills to confidently meet new people in new places, while at the same time providing them and their families with a supporting and loving community that makes them feel embraced.  

You can learn more about Jeremy, Ilana and the Social Life 360 Strategy at MyBestSocialLife.com