The members are persons with autism, their families as well as professionals. The board consists of 12 persons and has the same combination of members.

In 2023 the Association had around 19 500 members, spread into 24 regional associations.

What is the goal of the Association?
The Association is working in various ways to improve the living conditions for these groups, primarily such as:

- Spreading information about autism to improve the knowledge and understanding among the general public, families and professionals
- Working for adapted training, residential conditions and occupation
- Giving opportunities for persons with disabilities, their families and staff to meet and to exchange knowledge and experiences
- Participating in the international co-operation
- Following and giving suggestions to research within this field

What do you get as a member?
- Possibilities to participate in various activities arranged by your regional association, such as lectures, social activities, group meetings, camps and much more
- Possibilities to get consultation about diagnosis, legal rights, how to protest against a decision, information about different activities (such as group homes and schools) and much more
- The quarterly member journal Tidningen Autism. 

How do we influence public opinion?
The Association is actively working towards influencing politicians, authorities and organizations concerning questions about persons with autism through personal lobbying, participating in investigations and by making formal comments on official reports. Sometimes we work together with other associations. We also influence opinion via media through press releases and debate articles.

How do we work internally?
As a member of the Autism Sweden you belong to one of our regional associations. The regional associations are legally independent associations with their own board, annual meeting and a variety of activities for the members.

In spring the association has its annual meeting followed by a representatives meeting. At the representatives meeting at least two delegates from each regional association participate together with the board of the national association and the office staff to discuss actual questions.

Every autumn another representatives meeting is held, where one delegate from the board of each regional association participates, preferably the president, as well as the board of the national association and the office staff. The goal with this meeting is, in the same way, to discuss actual questions.

Books, films, information material
To improve the knowledge about autism, Asperger syndrome and other autistic-like conditions we are producing and selling books, films and other information material.

National Conference
Annually we arrange a two-day national conference about an actual subject, directed to both members and non-members (parents, professionals and persons with disabilities).

In addition to our ordinary work, we also carry out several projects, some of these in co-operation with other organizations. The financing is mainly through government subsidies, for the most part through Allmänna Arvsfonden (the National Inheritance Fund).

Nordic and other international contacts
We participate in a co-operation together with the other Nordic countries as well as the Faroe Islands and Baltic countries. The Nordic associations have a two-day yearly meeting to discuss common and actual questions.

We also keep in contact with the other European associations, mainly through the exchanging of members journals, information material and participating in conferences. We are a member of the European Association, Autism-Europe.

Our work is financed mainly through government subsidies, but also through e.g. member fees, the selling of information material and conference fees.

The Education Center
The Education Center (Utbildningscenter Autism AB) is a non-profit company owned by the Autism Sweden. The Education Center offers trainings to professionals, persons with disabilities and their families.

The Autism Foundation
The goal for the Autism Foundation is to improve the living conditions for persons of all ages with autism. The Foundation should work towards its ultimate goal by offering contributions to research and development as well as activities and projects promoting the goal of the foundation.