According to the Swedish School Agency Sweden has acceded to the Mass Refugee Directive. The Refugee Directive was created by the European Parliament. The purpose is that all persons from Ukraine can obtain a temporary residence permit (residence permit with temporary protection). With that being decided, children and young people who have been granted a residence permit with temporary protection have the same right to education in Sweden as asylum-seeking children and young people. Please, read the following list. 

This means that they have the right to education in
- Preschool
- preschool class
- elementary school
- special primary school
- special school
- Sameskola
- leisure center
- upper secondary school and upper secondary special school if the education begins before they have reached the age of 18.

If a child has a disability such as autism, adhd or a intellectual disability, this must be communicated with the responsible teacher and principal. The teacher and the principal must try to meet the child's need for acceptable interventions and help in school work. It is important that the child can communicate with his / her teacher and classmates. It is also important that the possibility of an interpreter can be in place to facilitate the child's schooling. 

Children with autism that are refugees have the same right to support in school as other pupils. Here are information for the staff in school about this matter (swedish): Så möter du nyanlända barn och elever. (Öppnas i nytt fönster)


The right to aditional adjustments and special support

Children with autism goes to ordinary schools in Sweden. Only if it is combined with intellectual disability you can go to so called "särskola/anpassad skola". There are also schools that are specialised towards pupils with for example autism.

All pupils, with or without diagnosis, have the right to get aditional adjustments to be abel to follow the education and to reach to goal of knowledge. If that is not enough the pupil have the right to special support. 

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You can also get in contact with Skolverket directly if you have more questions: 08-527 332 00

Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten is an other authority that give support to schools and teachers with knowledge, tools and methods, read more: Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten (opens in a new window)